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Canada’s fastest and most reliable delivery service

Your packages are delivered door-to-door, no sorting facility or transfer stations. Have confidence that your package will be delivered – straight to your customer's doorstep.

Delivery designed for local retailers

With a technology-first approach to delivery, Fare's platform enables virtually any business – eCommerce stores, local retailers, food & beverage suppliers – the power to offer express shipping, today!

The backbone for local business

Fare makes delivering fast, headache free, and scalable, all at an affordable price. Empowering businesses to become leaders in their industry and competitive with the Amazon's of the world.

How we work

How Fare goes from your store to your customer’s door

1. Book Your Delivery

Just let us know when, where and how many packages you need delivered.

2. Label Packages

Label your packages and be prepared when our driver arrives at the scheduled time.

3. Wait For Pick-up

A driver will pickup packages and deliver to your customers' door step.

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"People want to know when to expect their online purchases. Partnering with the Fare Delivery Team to provide speedy home delivery at a reasonable price allows us to effectively compete for local customers against any company on the web. If you’re not using Fare, you’re bringing a knife to gun fight"

Andrew, CEO Neat Space

"Like our favourite furry companions, Fare Delivery has proven to be most reliable and the #helmuttsfaithful very much appreciate their excellent service. Their commitment to getting every delivery right every time, and the timely use of SMS confirmations of delivery is appreciated by both us and our customers. Pet food, like groceries, are an essential service and engaging Fare Delivery has allowed us to expand our local home delivery service confident that our customers will receive their goods in a timely fashion and at a very reasonable price."

Helmutt's Pet Supply

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